How do you add an image from a hyperlink so it can update the Prezi as the drawing changes?

We have a team that regularly updates various flow charts to reflect current processes.  The flows are saved as a jpeg file and are available via a url.  I would like to insert a link to the drawing in my Prezi so the most up to date version of the picture shows up each time I load the presentation.  Is this possible?   Our presentation is stored localy.

Hello Troy Radakovich,

I don’t think is possible in Prezi at the moment as the XML information is kept online and is updated after each editing session - it may have been do-able using flash code (AS3) at one time but this is not supported unfortunately.

You may be able to do this via a portable Prezi XML file as you have access to it, but this is not something that I have tried myself, and may not be suitable for your needs - sorry for the inconvienience