How do you control 3D background fading & transitions?

How does this feature work and how do you control it? I have a prezi with 3 levels of zooming in it. First frame is the entire presentation, and it has a custom background which works fine. Added a 2nd background in the 3D feature, but when I zoom one level (zoom once with a mouse click) on a smaller frame in the main presentation, I get the 1st background and the second background faded together rather than just the second backgroud. When I zoom a second time to an object in the second (smaller) frame, first backround is gone and second one is 100%. Have tried to fool it by putting in a 3rd background identical to the second one, but no help. How is this feature controlled to get the backgrounds to respond to the sequence (level, nexting, whatever) of the zooms?

Hi Mike,

the current 3D positions and fade levels are set for this feature, and so it is really about the size of the background images and the positioning of your frames (depth) to get the best from it I’m afraid. So resizing your frames with their content will determine when the background will fade to the next one.

Although not supported, if you download a portable Prezi and look in the XML code for the Prezi you will see the fade and level positions for the 3D background which can be edited however this can be very messy and may damage the look of your Prezi.

3D Backgrounds

In the end its about experimenting with your content which can vary from Prezi to Prezi I think at this stage.



I want to lay a back round on one of my prezi’s I have been working on but when I insert a picture my already made document will not go on top of the picture how do I fix this?

Hello isla wilson,

assuming you mean on to the Prezi canvas - then if you carefully select the background image you should be able to right click and find a ‘send to back’ option. This should put it behind all of your other content.

hope this helps


Don’t forget that (if you haven’t already) you can upgrade your license to get more features (own logo, privacy and more space for your Prezis -

how Do You Search a backround of your own to put in?


since the answer to the initial question is pretty old, I have some hope new features resolve the issue of allowing users to determine the moment of fading in/out. 

The tutorial says that the switch between one and the other background happens at about 30% of the background’s size. What can I do if I want it to happen not before 5%? Sometimes I want to talk about a specific detail of the background and that does not work if I am automatically pushed forward to the next background at 30%.

PS: I have an educational license only, will upgrading help?

Thanks for any help!
Regards, Johannes

Thanks for your help Vera, well strugling may sound too dramatic but actually I think resolving the issue would make my presentations more impressive. 
I tackled the issue in the way you mentioned, but when using background images instead of “real” backgrounds I lose the 3D effect or do I understand something wrong?

Cheers, Johannes