How do you copy a reusable template in Prezi Next?

I have been “teased” for the past half hour while trying to figure out how to download the New Employee Onboarding Free Template provided by Puffingston:

I’ve bounced back and forth between their blog page and Prezi’s Discover page which states that these templates are free to download but there is simply NO download link anywhere. Did this function get removed? Is it still available for download? Prezi (the platform/app is awesome but their website is really a sad embarrassment. “Ya can’t get there from here!”

Hi @Curt_Zilbersher, in Prezi Next it is not possible to download a presentation. What is possible, is to copy the template to your own dashboard and use it as a base for your own presentation. When a user creates a template, he/she can decide whether or not he wants his/her presentation to be reusable. I don’t see Puffingston’s presentation marked as reusable.

You can find the Prezi team’s reusable presentations here. If you open one of them, you’ll notice the “Make a Copy” button just below the presentation.

WHY have you moved away the feature to copy and edit PREZi’s made be others and made reusable in PREZI Classic ??? and not a possibility in NEXT ??? It was such a god way to develope material; just give me a WHY

I agree with you, missing the feature in EXPLORE REUSABLE

Hello @Henrik_Baadsgaard_Je, the “make a copy” feature is available in Prezi Next, you can check several reusable presentations here.

In relation to Prezi Classic, as of August 26, with the new release of our view page, making copies of Prezi Classic presentations has been disabled. This copy feature is only available for presentations created with Prezi Next. As Adobe is planning to discontinue development and support of its Adobe Flash technologies at the end of 2020, we are no longer actively developing nor providing new features for Prezi Classic.

Hello Catarina

Tnx for your fast answer, i think this will cost you A LOT of customers in the future (some of them will be me and my staff). I think you are doing a BIG mistake by deleting that feature :frowning:

Hello @Henrik_Baadsgaard_Je, thanks for sharing your feedback with us, we’ll make sure to transmit it to our product team :slight_smile:

I’m completely agree with @Henrik_Baadsgaard_Je. This will cost you a lot… include me.

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I’m having difficulty making a copy of a reusable Prezi Next template. I go here:

and I’m interested in the bee one, here:

but after I click on the “Make a copy” I get this error message:

Please help. Thanks, Kate

Hello @Plastic_Ingenuity, we have shared the presentation with you, could you please create a copy of it so the ownership is transferred?

Let us know if it worked out! :slight_smile:

@Catarina got the shared copy from Daniel K, thanks! but oddly enough, I can’t make my own copy, so it’s still not working. Weird. I tried making a copy of another presentation and that’s working, so it seems to be an isolated issue. Let me know what else I should try? edit, posted this on Fri & still not working today (Mon) - wanted to add the detail that clicking the Make a copy creates 0 action & nothing happens even though I’ve waited a while (typically copies take 5 seconds for my system). So, if that helps… I also tried to rename the presentation to see if that made a difference, but no.

Hello @Plastic_Ingenuity, we’re sorry for the inconvenience, we are currently investigating this issue with our development team and as soon as we have any updates I will let you know :slight_smile:

Hello @Plastic_Ingenuity, we were able to create a copy of the presentation, you should be able to find it in your dashboard with the title “World Bee Day” :slight_smile:

@Catarina confirming receipt and it’s working perfectly, thank you! :honeybee: You can remove me from the collaborative copy then, just so I don’t mix them up, please.

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Hello @Plastic_Ingenuity, we had already removed that copy, so the ownership of the “World Bee Day” presentation belongs to you :slight_smile: