How do you open/view other people's presentations?

I just signed up with a free account with Prezi and I want to view other people’s presentations but it doesn’t appear to be easy. When I do a search and find a desired presentation to view, the presentation then appears white in Internet Explorer. When I click on the same presentation in Chrome it shows the image of the presentation but does not open, instead showing an icon that says “view in app”… redirecting me to installing an app. I do not want to download any apps but just view presentations and make my own online. Is this possible? I feel that there isn’t a clear guide on how to use Prezi and what specifically is needed. I would greatly appreciate any guidance in the right direction.

Thanks in advance.

i have made my prezi but when i go to explorer i cant find mt prezi and i have tried writing my name(creators name) and the name of my prezi (prezi title) but i still cant find my prezi and my prezi is a free account what do i do i need urgent help!