How fast can images move from one to another inside a presentation?

cause we dont have 3d implementation of objects in prezi just the depth and not the rotation at least not that i know of i wanted to create a (call it a slide whatever u want) that contains multiple photos of an object that i photographed and by showing the first one and moving at some certain speed lets say 30 frames or photos per second i reach the end or the final photo which will show my object in a different state this way i will create some type of ilusion and make it look like the thing that just happened was 3d , after wards i can continue zooming in in the object or whatever maybe use the same trick for other kind of 3d rotation if i may call them so, all and all is this possible and how , what speed can i make my slides move and can i make the route of going from the first photo to the last one by going to every single one of the photos in between without needing me to spam the next button (lol), sry if i was unclear and for my english i ll appreciate the help.

@Adriatik_Isufi I hope I understood your question correctly, Iā€™m afraid the animations are all played in a set time and are activated with a separate click each time so it is not possible to speed it up to create a 3D effect.

However, if you wish, we could take a look at your presentation and see if there is any other workaround for this, please send us the link in this case!

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