How is vector supported?

So, I’m trying to build my first Prezi and want to create a custom theme (I have the PRO version). Everything I read/see recommends I use vector files and my logo is indeed a vector AI. Except for it won’t load and the article on image formats says 'Prezi currently supports  JPG,   PNG, GIF,  and **SWF **formats '
None of these are vector formats. So, what am I missing?
EDIT: I have tried exporting my AI as a SWF and the SWF won’t import either.

Hi Marco,

Please our apologies if this is not clear in our manuals. If you go to our support and learn page, you will find official prezi learning content at

For images:

  • Prezi currently supports  JPG,   PNG, GIF,  and SWF (which are vector-based graphics produced in Adobe Flash or Illustrator.formats** )**
  • The  maximum size for any image is 2880 by 2880 pixels  (unless it’s inserted as a 3D background image). You may succeed in uploading a JPG larger than this, but this will likely cause various problems while editing and presenting. These limitations are set by the Flash platform and not Prezi. If you upload a JPG larger than these specifications, prezi will prompt you to resize the image. Click ’ Resize   image’ to reduce the image to a usable size. For file formats other than JPG, you will need to use third party software to reduce the size of the image file. 
    Note:  Adding SWF files that contain actionscript code or animation are NOT supported by Prezi.  

Here you can find more information.


Thanks Nicole. So basically even though vector is by definition scaleable there is still a maximum size? I’m struggling to get my head around this. May I suggest that you guys add a paragraph to the manual pages explaining that any AI will need to be output as a SFW from Illustrator? Because 99% of designers I know would interpret ‘vector’ to mean AI file format and expect that to be e usable format.
Thanks for the help

Hi Nikki,

Could you please give me more details, try zooming out to find the invisible frame around your object so you will be able to delete or replace it.

Hi Marco,

Thanks for the input this feedback is very useful! Best, Nicki

anyway, when I charge my jpg or png image the resolution is no good. Especially for images created with illustrato or other vectors

The saga continues … See how to import SVG in Prezi NEXT :wink:

Works like a charm!