How many editors can a prezi have?

I would like to invite 17 students to participate in a Prezi. But the collaboration says only 10 can join. Does that mean 10 in “real time”? Can I still invite more than 10 to be editors? Thanks.

Hi Jill,

Prezi currently supports up to ten users collaborating on a Prezi at the same time.

If you are presenting your prezi online, Prezi Meeting supports up to thirty viewers per session.

We are always working to improve the capabilities of all our products. 

Here you can find more information.

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I still have the same question as Jill.

Hi W HL,

You can have up to 10 editors collaborating in your prezi at the same time.


Please, would you tell us how could w know who has edited part of my shared prezi (shared with 10 students)? I would need to know if some one did something or has erased somebody else work? Can I hace acces to the prezi file editing history?
Thank you