How many templates?

At the moment I only have a free account while I test Prezi.
When I look to add a template in Prezi Video app I get a limited range of templates.
When I look at the training video on the Prezi site called “Create a video using the Prezi Video app” there seems to be a much bigger range of templates shown in that video ?
Do I have to have a paid account to access these extra templates?
regards Greg

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I have the same question! I really like Prezi video and its pretty unclear what I get in the paid upgrade of the product. It’s great to use and definitely gets people’s attention during meetings and I’d like to do more with it, but Preszi need to better communicate the upside.

Hello All,

@Greg_Woodley, thanks for the question. The templates you see in Prezi Video are the Quick create templates. In case you would need advanced creations, you could use Prezi Present, where a lot more templates are available.

@Todd_Nilson, could you please detail your questions regarding the upgrade a bit more?

If I look at the training video on the Prezi site called “Create a video using the Prezi Video app” i see what’s in screenshot 2 below [you’ll recognise your own training video]

But when I’m in Prezi video and I click on templates all I see is what’s in the other screenshot

I just want to have access to the better templates
How do I do that ?

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I’m not sure what kinds of detail you need. I am in a trial upgrade right now, primarily for Prezi Video. I am a fan of that. But the upgrade includes Designer and Present, which… great, but it’s unclear to me aside from getting rid of the annoying Prezi brandmark how my life is better with that particular tool. I don’t mean to be rude about it, but your marketing drip campaign emails don’t really say much about what I get on the video side.

Hello all,

@Greg_Woodley, the templates you see in the video are an old selection, currently they are not available.

@Todd_Nilson, you should see the different features listed under Prezi pricing: Compare plans and sign up for Prezi | Prezi.

With Prezi Present you can create zooming presentations that you can import to Prezi Video.
With Prezi Design you can create infographics, charts and creative visuals that you can also import to Prezi Video.