How possible is it to recreate Classic prezis in Next?

Great examples Russel and Istvan,

Russel a question for you, I’m stilll learning about all the possibilities of Prezi next,
How “possible” is it to build Presentations in it like this one you made in prezi classic:
or is that kind of creativity with superstructure not possible anymore … I’ve made similar Prezi’s and am worried the new platform will kill most of those very creative designs…


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Or Prezi’s like these ones:

The fact that prezi automatically opens them in the old web-player (by adding ?webgl=0 ) is not a good sign i think… for being able to make this kind of Presentatiosn in Prezi next…


Hi Paul. I expect this same debate will carry on for a while whilst people get used to Prezi Next. It is a different way of thinking and designing so many of the old Prezi ways of presenting wont be possible. However the benefits of this change far outweigh the old movement of Prezi Classic. Plus, if you already had an account before the introduction of Next you can still keep it old school and use Classic :wink:


Yes indeed, I even think I have 4 Prezi classic accounts :wink: (for testing purposes and to see at times how a new account looked different from an older ons). And for people like us this Prezi next is very interesting because the huge market of sales presentations (you know, thos presentations where there are budgets for) became a lot easier to sell to. (a conversational prezi with prezi classic was not always easy to make beautiful and practical at the same time).

I’m now discovering what the creative limits are of Prezi Next. Especially navigating complex structures seems a lot “dumbed down” like the limited ways to place subtopics.

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We are not a company that uses Prezi for sales. We are a training company and we are finding that Next is VERY difficult for our people to create and present. The going back to the overview slide after every topic is VERY cumbersome and confusing to our staff when our presentations are more linear than conversational. We tried to just put the whole presentations into one topic, but that did not work either. We went with Prezi a few years ago because it was a new and innovative way of presenting our material, but now our complex structures are not possible to do in Next. We need to be able to create our own templates, but this is not possible with Next either. We are having to think about what our next step is. It is unfortunate because our presenting with Prezi has been free advertising for them since we are constantly asked what presentation program we use. We can not update or recreate our presentations with Next without losing the ability to structure our presentations the way we need them to be. It is a very unfortunate situation for us to be in. Our staff is wondering what to do about it. I personally have been trying to reconstruct just a small portion of one of our Classic Prezis, but am finding that I have to fully construct it in Photoshop and then bring in a file from that to even come close to what I could do in Classic. This takes out any zooming aspect at all. I do hope that some of the Classic features may show up, but it is too long, we do not know how long we can continue using something that is no longer really built for training presentations. Keeping it old school still does not help us since some of the features that Next have is what we were told the “update” would have when we talked to one of your reps last year. Please correct me our speculation is incorrect, as a few of us think that Classic may stick around for previous customers for a short time and that there will be no support beyond what is out there and no more upgrades?

Hi Robin,

The guys at Prezi can correct me if I’m wrong but Prezi Classic will be around for some time yet. There is no ‘deadline’ that all Classics need to be converted into Next by or anything like that at all.

If Classic has always worked for you and you’re struggling to convert to Next, I’d stick with Classic for now.

There will of course be tonnes of development for Next over the coming year and you may find that with the release of a new Next feature things become easier and more obvious for you to make that conversion happen.

Feel free to reach out to me in person on Linkedin (Russell Anderson-Williams) or email

Happy to help where I can.

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@RobinsNest_Pro I can confirm that we have no plans to stop supporting Prezi Classic.

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