how to add a former frame to the path again?

I’m not very experienced in prezi so my question: I have a frame and in that frame are more frames I zoom into. At the end of the last frame I zoom into I would like to go back to the frame overview. How can I do that? Presentation goes to the next frame and not to the old frame with the overview!

Thanks Vera that was quick! I can doble this frame, but than I will see it as a new frame on the home view. I would love to just link the path to the old existing frame. For example my frame it Nr. 12 and I zoom into Frame 13, 14, 15 and then I want to go back to fram 12 and than further to frame 16. So I do not know if this is possible?! Thanks for your patience - just started with prezi!!

Vera this is abolut clear, but my prezi is not doing it. I can drag the + to the former frame (Number 12) but it will not stay. May be because I’m a free user and no pro-user of prezi, maybe this function is not working in all the versions?! Thank you very much!!

Hah, Vera - I think I came a step closer to it - if I do it in the home view at least it works to build bring back the home view. So I try to play around with it and see it it works to drop the + - it sounds very easy, but at the end I think it all hast to do with the level you are in and you are doing it!!

Thanks reall for your helpful and quick response - it is highly appriciated!

Greetings from Vienna

It works :)!!!