How to cancel an account that was created with a social profile?

If you decide to cancel your paying subscription or not continue with a paying license at the end of the trial period*, you can cancel your subscription within your Prezi account by following these steps.

In order to verify the cancellation, you need to provide your password during the process.
If you signed up with your Facebook or Google account, there is no password assigned to your Prezi account. This is the reason why users with a social profile get an error message when trying to cancel their subscription.

To work around this, please use this page to get a password reset link sent to your account email address. After resetting (or in this case, creating) your password, you will be able to proceed with the cancellation.

*Please note that you can only get a free trial for a yearly license, if you choose the monthly subscription, you get charged immediately. If you upgrade to a higher level license, you get 7 trial days and if you start a new account, you get a 14 day long free trial.