How to cancel my paid subscription?

Hello, can you help me to cancel my trial?
I simply could not find an option to cancel.

Hello @Tony_Zama, your current account is connected to a free plan, so you don’t have any paid subscription :slight_smile: Do you have any other registered account?

Hello need to cancel my free trial as well. Cannot find the cancel option.

Hi @Tamara_Colon, as far as I can see your account is a free basic account. Are you sure you have started a trial? It might be on a 2nd account then.

Ok. How about

Also, what is the difference between Basic and free trial? I am ever going to be charged a anything?

Здравствуйте! Ошибочно сделал платеж ,отмените пожалуйста покупку!

Привет, @_M1, я вижу, что деньги за вашу покупку возвращены. Обратите внимание, что возврат средств может занять 3-5 рабочих дней.

Hi @Tamara_Colon, that account has a basic license.

The Basic license is a free license, which means that there is no subscription that would generate any charges. We offer a trial version with a yearly subscription.
Once the trial period ends the subscription is purchased unless you cancel your trial beforehand.

Hope this helps! :slight_smile:

Hello, can I check my subscription has been cancelled? My account setting still say I have PreziNext, and a Plus license type. I want to make sure I won’t get charged.

Hello @Tina_Irvine, yes, we can confirm that your subscription has been cancelled :slight_smile:

If there is anything else we can assist you with, please, feel free to contact us.

Hi, I have tried a few times to cancel subscription, and get to the blue cancel subscription button and it doesn’t give any result when clicked. Is my subscription cancelled or not? Thanks

Hello @Henry_Stead, I can confirm your subscription is now cancelled.

Let us know if we can assist with anything else!

Hello, my son set up an account for me to show me how easy this was. I want to cancel it now, please, since it automatically put me in a license subscription. The support page said you have to activate your account first to cancel the subscription, but the button is invisible. Please cancel my subscription so that I can delete the test account. Thank you.

Hi @Gaby_Christ, please note that your current account is a free license without any subscriptions to cancel. Is this the one that has been set up by your son? If yes, then there is nothing to cancel. :slight_smile:

Hi, how to cancel my Prezi subscription, where I couldn’t see the Cancel subscription button so please help me.

Hi @Rafael_Milanezi, please note that your current account has a free license so there is nothing to cancel. :slight_smile:


My subscription expires in 2 days but, whenever I try to cancel it, the webpage never loads! What should I do? (Screenshot below)

Hello @Sumi_K, I’ve merged your post with the relevant thread.

I can confirm your subscription is already cancelled, let us know if you need assistance with anything else!

I want to cancel my subscription and I cannot seem to find the ‘unsubscribe’ icon anywhere. Can you assist me?

Hello @Saiba_Ahmad_khan, your current account is connected to a free plan, so you don’t have any paid subscription, that’s why you can’t see any cancellation button :slight_smile: Do you have any other registered account in Prezi?