How to cancel my paid subscription?

Please cancel my paid subscription. I do not have a cancel button. Thank you!

Hello @Peter_Morville, I can see that your subscription is canceled successfully. :slight_smile:

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dear prezi team,
why there is no info about my license historical, like other user…i cant cancel my subscription because it is = basic… how many month there is the periodic of automatic renewal? 3 month…or ???

plz dont charge me any payment because my license = basic…make sure of it…tq

Dear Hendro,
Our Basic account is a free subscription service, this is the reason why you do not see a “Cancel” option, and there won’t be any charges in connection to your account.
You can always check your license type under your Account Settings/License Tab.
Let us know if we can assist with anything else!

Can you support me how to cancel my subscription?. i couldn’t see any cancel subscription button. Please, I need to cancel it as soon as possible. Thanks a lot

Hi Albert,
I have reached out to you directly in order to better help you.
Looking forward to your reply!