How to cancel subscription

Hi, I’ve merged your questions into the relevant topic. :slight_smile:

@Ennie_Jansen, I can confirm that your trial has been successfully canceled and there will be no charges in the future for this subscription.

@Jacqueline_Lloyd, as I see your account is a free basic account, therefore there is no trial to cancel. Please let me know if you see any indication having a trial and I would be happy to look into it further. :slight_smile:

Thank you for your reply it was a 14 day trial run then after the trail the payment was going to start automatically so Thank you for cancelling it for me

if there are any troubles and the payment starts after 14 day trail ends yes I will be contacting you so Thank you for your help and support


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Hello! Could you confirm that my subscription has been cancelled? I received email with information that : “Billing happens automatically and your team can go on using Prezi without a single hiccup.” I do not understand this because I am sure I had cancelled subscription.

Hello @Andrzej_Chmielewski, I confirm your subscription is cancelled :slight_smile:

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I also want to cancell my subscription. I press the button serveral times, but nothing seems to be changed. Please confirm my subscription is cancelled at the end of the period.

Hello @Constanze_Hundt, we can confirm that your subscription is canceled and your license won’t renew again :slight_smile:

Would you be able to cancel my subscription as well please?

Hi @Marvens_Lafrance, I have checked on your account and you have a free account, therefore there is no subscription to cancel. :slight_smile:

Hello I wish to cancel my subscription but like many other when clicking “the big blue button”, I get an error message: “Error, please try again later.”
Can you help me with that?

Hello @Yannick_Abaul, we can confirm that your subscription is canceled :slight_smile:


I’ve been trying to cancel my subscription - but everytime I try to finalise it by entering my password to confirm, Prezi will say “Error, please try again later”. It is not an incorrect password as I’ve tried to use another password and that said “Incorrect password”

Anyone can help? I just want to cancel the subscription - haven’t used it for years!


Hey @Adibah_Rajali I’ve merged your request to the relevant thread. We can confirm that your subscription is canceled so your license won’t renew again :slight_smile:

] Can you support me how to cancel my subscription?. i couldn’t see any cancel subscription button. Please, I need to cancel it as soon as possible. Thanks a lot

Hi @Mary_Attokurova, I can confirm that your license has been canceled successfully and there will be no charges on your payment method. :slight_smile:


I can’t see the ‘cancel subscription’ button, can you please help me out and end it? It’s supposed to start today :frowning:


Hi @Mattia_Costa, you do not see the cancel subscription button because your license is a free Edu Video Privacy license which cannot be canceled - as it is free. :slight_smile:
Hope this helps!

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Thanks. However, I strangely received an e-mail saying that my paid membership was about to start. Should I be worried?

Hi @Mattia_Costa, in this case you might have a 2nd account registered for a trial. Let me send you a private message to better help you with this.