How to change a color of a frame and save it?

Lets say I am using “social network” preset. So, we have these slides with the white cream body and the blue frames. Every time when I try to change the colour the frame just disappears and the frame corners become round… So how can I keep the same colour of the frame but change the frame body colour … don’t know how it’s called ))

I tried that but I whant to keep a colour of the frame

I tried almost everything but could not have done this

the colour I would like to apply for the body is 255.255.255 and the colour for the frame the same like It was before ) yes I have seen thes aditor but could not find this variable

also if you don’t know the exact name of the variable it takes so much time to scroll it down cos’ the scrollbar doesn’t work at all ) at least in chrom it doesn’t

Thank you very match))! btw do you work for this company ?

I just have opened this awesome program for me… power point is shit in comparison with it