How to change language in Prezi?

Hey Prezi,
I was wondering if I could change the language on prezi to german? Is it possible or not? Cuz my englsih is not that good…unfortunately and it would be really helpful.
Thanks in advance!

Helo @Tasnim_El , yes, it is possible. On the main dashboard, you can click on your name on the top right corner, below your name you can click on the languages menus, and choose your preferred language.

Dear all, the following question is if it is possible to add other languages like Russian ? Would really help a lot

Hello @Ekaterina_Voronina, currently it’s not possible to change the website language to Russian, but we’ll forward your feedback to the responsible team.

Nevertheless, you’re able to use Russian characters in Prezi, with several fonts, please check them here.

Hope this could help!