How to change shape colors in Timeline template?



I am working with the Timeline template and it uses teardrop shapes to mark years on the timeline arrow. I would like to customize the colors of the teardrops but don’t see any way to adjust those color settings, as no editing buttons appear when clicked like with planets.

Any advice?


Currently, the colors of the Timeline template is not customizable, I’m afraid. We’re aware of this issue and the responsible team is currently working on a fix.

In the meantime, sorry for any inconvenience it might cause you!


I hope that this and many of the other improvements users are recommending are being addressed as quickly as possible. Will you be letting us know as upgrades occur?


Yes, @Rachel_Benbrook, we will share our updates once they are implemented in Prezi Next.


Any chance this has been completed yet? Love the template but the colors are clashing with the pictures i am hoping to use.


@Sharon_Gallagher we don’t have any updates concerning this template, I’m afraid.