How to change shape colors in Timeline template?


I am working with the Timeline template and it uses teardrop shapes to mark years on the timeline arrow. I would like to customize the colors of the teardrops but don’t see any way to adjust those color settings, as no editing buttons appear when clicked like with planets.

Any advice?

Currently, the colors of the Timeline template is not customizable, I’m afraid. We’re aware of this issue and the responsible team is currently working on a fix.

In the meantime, sorry for any inconvenience it might cause you!

I hope that this and many of the other improvements users are recommending are being addressed as quickly as possible. Will you be letting us know as upgrades occur?

Yes, @Rachel_Benbrook, we will share our updates once they are implemented in Prezi Next.

Any chance this has been completed yet? Love the template but the colors are clashing with the pictures i am hoping to use.

@Sharon_Gallagher we don’t have any updates concerning this template, I’m afraid.

Hello, has this been fixed yet? It looks like you were working on a fix over a year ago but I’ve been trying to work with this template and can’t find any way to do it.

(The template looks great by itself, but trying to edit it at all seems really difficult. I’m also having this problem with all the teardrops being preset to stacks, and not being able to easily change them to planets.)

HI, @7-ate-9. The teardrops are still PDFs, therefore, the colour cannot be changed.

However, you have the elements available for usage in this slide:

Also, please know, you can rebuild the default template using Planets and not Stacks:

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I want to change my PDF in the overview. I know there are some colors because when I began this Prezi, some of these PDF was red or blue or violet…

How can I change that please, I don’t like the orange ?


I don’t think you can actually change the color of the PDF image, but it looks like you started with the Timeline template, correct? Did you save the original Topic #4 by chance? It has all the colors included there. Assuming you didn’t, I’d just start a new Timeline presentation and cut & paste from the new one into your existing one and replace that way.

Yes, @Plastic_Ingenuity is correct, you can pick and copy-paste any of the drop-shaped PDFs, however, you cannot change the colour, I am afraid.

I didn’t thought to do that, thx

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