How to convert a Prezi Video to PDF or PPT?

Hello, I see how you can export Prezi Next as pdf. But is there a way to export the slides created in Prezi video to pdf? Obviously just the slides not recorded presentation.


Hello @Daniel_Chan3, if you created a Prezi Presentation before recording the video, you can export it as pdf, if you created the presentation directly in the Prezi Video editor, unfortunately, you’ll not be able to export it. The only workaround would be taking a screenshot of each slide.

Feedbacks and comments are really important for Prezi. I will forward this as feedback to our developers’ team if you don’t mind.
We are always trying to improve our products, and comments like yours are essential!

I hope this was helpful. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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Thanks. I was afraid of that. I think I’ll just redo my presentation in Powerpoint or Prezi Presentation for sharing… too bad.

I hope the Developers Team can look into this as it would be a nice feature.



How to convert a Prezi Video presentation to ppt or pdf?

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Hello @EDUARDO_ISMODES, currently it’s only possible to download your Prezi Video in MP4 format.

Could you please tell us why would you like to export it to PDF or PPT?

Hope to hear from you soon!

Hello Catarina:

I think it could be usefull for my studentes to have a ppt or pdf versiĂłn of the video.

In order to prepare a Prezi Video class, I import a PPT, and then I Include some changes. These changes can´t be seen in the former ppt.




Thanks a lot for explaining the use case @EDUARDO_ISMODES, we’ll transmit this feedback to our Product team and get back to you if there are any developments :slight_smile:

Hi Catarina,
I am facing exactly the same problem today. I produced a keynote for a tomorrows conference and I was asked by the organizers, if I can send my slides beforhand so that they can prepare for a panel discussion. The only possiblity would be to make screenshots of each slide which will end up in a huge file, which I cannot transmit. I know there won’t be a solution for my problem now, but this issue should be solved somehow. Thank you, Ursula

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Hello @Ursula_Maier-Rabler, thanks a lot for sharing your use case with us, we’ll pass this feedback to our Product team and inform you if there are any developments!