How to copy slides from one presentation into another one?

Hi is it possible to copy an entire part of a presentation with slides and animation in PREZI CLASSIC? thank you! Silvia

Hi @silvia_bassani_antiv, you can use shortcuts to copy an entire part of your presentation in Prezi Classic, but you will need to add the path again, that can’t be copied.

If you would like to keep the path and animations, I can recommend to make a copy of your presentation and modifying that. Hope this helps :slight_smile:

Did this ever get solved? I am having exact same problem, trying everything for past two hours… this is a nightmare…

This is not working at all, I have tried drag and drop between different browser windows and also tried drag and drop between Prezi Next windows and also tried CMD C - CMD V in both cases. Nothing works. Can’t import PPT slides directly into an existing Prezi either. So I imported PPT into new Prezi expecting I could then use these in an existing Prezi but there seems to be no way to combined imported PPT slides with a Prezi created separately from the import. Have spent all afternoon on this for a big presentation tomorrow… really regretting working in Prezi right now!

Hi @Joshua_Adler, you can save your PPT in a PDF format, and then import the PDF slides to your presentations. You can select in the right sidebar which slides you want to insert in your presentation.

Did you ever find a solution to this? I have used PPT for a long time and thought I would try Prezi, but I have to admit, I have gone back to PPT for my important presentations because of having trouble doing things like what you are listing. If you found a way to make it work that doesn’t end up taking all day to do what it should take 3 minutes to do, I am really interested.

Hey @William_Kennedy we’re happy to announce that this feature has been released, you can save elements of your presentation to your content library with just one click, from where you can simply insert into other presentations easily :slight_smile:

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TY. it was really causing a problem for me.

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Is it possible to copy a slide in one Prezi and move to another? I tried all of the suggestions including copying from the left panel.
The functionality of the new format where the ‘fade in’ components are separate to the slide is a nightmare. It was way easier to do in Prezi Classic. Just a matter of adding to the library.
Has the feature of copying slides now disappeared? It multiplies the time taken to make new classes by 10

Hello @Pmac, I merged your post with the relevant thread. You’re able to copy your topics/subtopics using shortcuts by clicking on them and using shortcuts to copy/paste them where you wish.

Another solution, is to add that slide to your content library, so you can reuse it when you want, as mentioned in this reply.

Hope this could help :slight_smile:

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I’m using the free trial account of Prezi Present.
How to duplicate a page please?

Hi @Catherine_Kapita, I’ve merged your question to the relevant topic.

You should be able to duplicate a page by right-clicking on it and select duplicate. Could you please elaborate on your use case?

Is it possible to duplicate by copy+paste yet? So that I can quickly copy the whole page from one topic to a different topic, or even to a different presentation? (Not duplicate right below existing.)

Hi @Plastic_Ingenuity, this is currently not possible. It is possible, however, to copy the whole stack topic into a different location, then remove the pages that you don’t need at the new location.

Hi, I’m using Prezi desktop.
I can’t copy the slide. when right click on the slide, the options for copy, paste, cut, delete & select all greys out and cannot be selected.
How to solve?

Hello @Azt_R, with Prezi Classic there’s a different behaviour. Could you please add each desired content to your Favorites and try to insert them in a different presentation?

Hope to hear from you soon!

Ciao. è possibile inserire una presentazione all’interno di un’altra come sotto argomento? Grazie

Ciao @Roberto_Romano, puoi provare a premere CTRL + A (o CMD + A su un Mac) nella presentazione, quindi Copia tutto con CTRL + C (o CMD + C su un Mac).
Questo dovrebbe copiare tutti i tuoi contenuti negli appunti.

Fatto ciò, apri la presentazione di destinazione, vai al sottoargomento in cui desideri inserire il contenuto e premi CTRL + V (o CMD + V su un Mac).

Spero questo sia di aiuto!

The question was about copying slides from one presentation to another. I see the last reply was in July 2021. It’s Nov 22 and none of the methods suggested by Prezi employees or in the online tutorials work for me.

I click on a slide thumbnail and Ctrl C, move to the other presentation and Ctrl V -nope; tried to click on the slide editing window, nada. It does not paste the slide from the first one. I tried to copy a topic or subtopic stack and pasting it into the other presentation. That does not work either.

Again according to Prezi employee responses here, you can add slides to your library but that only seems to work for slide elements, not whole slides and you have to have more than one element and choose all for the add to library button to appear). I selected all on a slide and that picks up all the elements and not the background (which is understandable) or the presenter notes (which is not) and thus far is the only way to either add groups of elements to the library and/or copy them and paste into another presentation. This requires a little dorking around on the paste end to get things lined up and a manual cut and paste for the notes. Still a bummer that you can’t copy a selected group of slides to another presentation. If you have a lot of slides this is a PITA.

I’ve been with Prezi since those wacky little bubble menus, and like many things about it. This is an obvious need, so it would be nice to know of it’s in the cards or not -once and for all. If I’m missing something and this is in fact possible I’d prefer an answer from someone who has actually tried each method and succeeded with one or another. If not, please let us know.

I am using Prezi Next desktop on a WIN 11 Desktop.