How to create a new presentation in Prezi Classic

My account does not have a button to create a new presentation in Prezi Classic.
How can I do, please give a suggestion.

Hello @Araya.thi_Stu.Nida, please know that users who registered after the release of Prezi Next in 2017 can only access this product to create presentations as the Flash technology Prezi Classic was built on is going to be discontinued next year.

You can still view Classic presentation with the new viewer and collaborate with Prezi Classic users with the help of a so-called Pro Minus license in Prezi Classic that enables you to view and edit presentations that were shared with you, but you cannot create a copy of it or start new presentations I’m afraid.

As your information, the Prezi Classic is going to be discontinued by next year, how can we do if we already have some presentations under the Prezi Classic?? Can they be moved or transferred to the Prezi Next please give a suggestion.

Thank you.

Hello @Araya.thi_Stu.Nida, please check the following post:

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Why can not I create new prezi in prezi classic?

Hello @Jarivan_Marcos, Prezi Classic is the previous version of Prezi and we no longer offer Prezi Classic licenses. With your current Prezi Next license it is only possible to collaborate on Classic presentations that are shared with you, but you cannot create new ones. I apologize for any inconvenience.

Hi anyone… i want to use prezi classic but i cant creat new blank temple from this, anyone can help … How to use prezi classic ?? tks u …

Hello @Tu_n_Hoang, I merged your post with the relevant thread. Please, check the reply above: