How to create a path in Prezi Next/Present

I am used to working in Prezi Classic where I could build all of my content, select “Path” and then click the objects (images, videos, etc.) in order to build the presentation path. In Prezi Next, I cannot figure out how to replicate that process.

Specifically, when I click “Path Settings” it simply opens a window with overall path settings, and it does not allow me to select/order specific images in my Prezi.

Additionally, when I select “Insert–>Topic” it opens a new path window. I suppose I could place these atop all of my content, but even then I am not sure that would auto-play my embedded videos.

If anyone knows how to easily add objects to the Path in Prezi Next, I would sincerely appreciate guidance.

Thank you!


Hello @Kurt_MacDonald, I’ll try to explain the differences between the features you have mentioned so it’s more clear:

  • Path settings: in this feature you’re able to select the path behaviour your topics/subtopics will follow throughout the presentation. You can decide to always go back to the previous level both on the overview and subtopic levels, or never to go back (and build a presentation that has a more similar path to what you had in Classic). Check more about it in this article.

  • Topics and subtopics: they help to build the structure of your presentation and are automatically added to the path of the presentation, which means, it will automatically zoom into them when presenting. Topics show your big ideas, while subtopics and pages organize details and reveal content at just the right moment to keep your audience engaged.

  • Adding content to the path: if you wish to add any kind of content (images, shapes, etc.) to your path, you simply need to add an animation into them and they will be automatically added to the path as well. You can read more on how to use animations here :slight_smile:

Hope this could help, and please, let us know if you have further questions!

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I too have struggled with this. I’m mystified as to why Prezi didn’t maintain the simplicity of Prezi Classic. I would gladly pay a subscription for Prezi Classic. As it is, I’ll be using the many Prezis I created previously, but all future presentations are going to Google Slides.


Hello @Chuck_Simms, could you please tell us what are you missing in the Prezi Present editor?

We’d be more than glad to receive your feedback!

There were several notable advantages of Prezi Classic. The simplicity of adding a single slide, the editing and path selection were straight forward, and the visual layout was more conducive for editing. It may be that Prezi Next has advantages, but the ease and intuitive format of Classic was much easier to work with, and considerably faster for putting a presentation together.


Thanks a lot for sharing @Chuck_Simms, there are indeed some changes in relation to the new editor that might seem harder to understand at a first glance, but there are a few tips I think can be helpful when creating a presentation in Present for the first time:

  • Start with a blank template, to have full control over the content you want to insert;

  • You can very easily add zoom areas to your content, which work like Classic frames. Anything that you add an animation to will be automatically added to your path as well;

  • In the left sidebar you can control the order of the elements, by just moving them up or down.

I hope this could help to understand better how Present works, and please, let us know if you have further questions!

Thanks. I still find it unwieldy, but I may try again in the future. The simplicity of Prezi Classic was certainly easier. As much as I dislike Google slides, it is easier to navigate and edit than the new version of Prezi.

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@Chuck_Simms it would be great if you could try it out and let us know what you think, all your feedback is precious to us for further improvement of the editor!

I believe I’ve covered it. Trying to edit a Prezi classic yesterday and it’s impossible to simply insert one slide or video. You’re forced to create an entire sub topic and visually it seems jarring in comparison to Classic. The editing sidebar is not intuitive at all. It may be that I’m used to ten years of the previous format, but it’s too frustrating to edit, and new prezis strike me as unwieldy.
I may be in the minority here, and perhaps those new to Prezi who haven’t used Classic find it superior.


I am in the same boat @Kurt_MacDonald @Chuck_Simms. I have thousands of presentations left over from Prezi Classic, which allowed me to add and remove slides to/from the “path” very easily. I was attempting today to add slides that are loose in the presentation and not on the path TO the path. The only way it seems to do that is to click the drop down next to “Zoom area” and click the “Zoom area” option, which adds an empty slide box to both the path and presentation area; from there you can configure that empty box (“Zoom area”) to fit around the slide you are trying to add to the path.

I would recommend Prezi make it possible for the old way of adding slides to the “path” to exist in Next/Present, since many of us will be using Classic presentations that need to be edited in Next/Present. Adding “Topics” seems to create a different Prezi background and thus far is not intuitive. This workaround I have found for adding loose slides to the path has too many steps and needs to be simpler.


WHY did you mess up Prezi Classic? This Prezi NEXT is TERRIBLE. What is the point? I have Prezi’s that are totally unusable because YOU TOOK the edit PATH function away. YOU made something simple, complicated. Don’t tell me to watch the video. It makes NO SENSE. Terrible, just terrible. My colleagues and I HATE it.


Hi @Dr_Sandra_Davis, I’ve merged your question to the relevant topic.

Thanks for your detailed feedback about the path editing in Prezi Present, I’m going to forward it to our product team.

I really think Prezi Next ruined the simplicity of designing presentations using Prezi Classic. It used to be simple to create presentations instead I spent a day figuring out basic steps like adding a simple path. Pretty awful. Let users control what they want to do rather than software controlling the user and hiding all the subtopics and searching just to design simple slides. At least give the user what they want to use: Prezi Classic or some random unthoughtful GUI Prezi Next. I think I’ll look for an alternate…


Hello @suriNotes_com, thanks for sharing your comment with us, could you tell us more specifically with which parts of the Present editor did you experience more difficulties?

We’d love to have your feedback so we can improve!

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There are so many areas… I think it is frustrating to figure out simple aspects.
Is there a support team I can contact over the phone or contact me directly?



Hello @suriNotes_com, I’m going to send you a private message!

Hi, these seem to all be the same issues we are discussing here: Prezi Present - how to edit the path? - #20 by Stephen_Rowley

I don’t understand why it is so hard for Prezi to recognise the missing functionality and commit to fixing it.

You have many customers taking the trouble to give you this feedback, why can’t you act on it (or commit to acting on it)?


While I don’t want a narrow response to one particular issue to distract from my larger question (why you can’t commit to restoring the old path editing functionality) I have an issue this morning that may serve as an example.

I am working with retooling an old prezi classic presentation and want to add several slides / zoom points into a point about 20 slides into what was a path of 100+ slides. It is very slow and clunky. With the old path editing functionality I could quickly add them to the canvas, and then switch to path editing mode and quickly add them straight into the relevant point. Now I am stuck dragging slides up and down the left pane; I also can’t quickly clear all slide / zoom points and click through to find a new order.

It is only worth persisting with this because of the sunk time in the existing presentations. I don’t understand why we need to repeatedly explain the issues we are having in this thread given the old functionality is there for you to see.

I just really want to hear someone say you recognise and understand the issues and will fix them.


Hi Prezi team & community –

I’m joining the discussion to make some suggestions to improve Prezi Next. Because for the way I have used Prezi, this relaunch is a huge step back.

Let me briefly give you my background: I’ve been using Prezi for 11 years to create theory talks, creative outlines, story structures and project pitches in the field of (Narrative) Game Design. My Prezis have always been “living” projects that grew and evolved over time.

What I’ve always liked about Prezi was its associative, topographical approach to information design. Prezis invited experimentation and iteration: You could quickly drop a bunch of visuals and text content on an open canvas, and then arrange or rearrange them freely. You could create visual hierarchies through object resizing, and then set the wildest flight paths through your content landscape. From macro to meso to nano and back again, all edited intuitively, in just a few clicks.

With Prezi Next, the editor has lost a lot of that creative and immediate feel. I think that’s because Prezi Next’s core functionality isn’t about creating associations anymore. It is now about managing decks of slides. That, I believe, is why Prezi Next now feels a lot like Power Point. I can see that many things Prezi Classic could do are still somehow possible, but only with a lot more effort.

What Prezi has made easy is the creation of short, linear slideshows. It has also added an impressive array of cool new functions (-- and I mean that, the video feature is really great, as is the diagram editor!). But these things aren’t at the heart of my work, and they’re not the reason I came to Prezi in the first place.

I think Prezi Next could be greatly improved by adding / restoring the following functionalities:

  • Classic’s path editor (–> managing and re-arranging path points in the side bar is highly confusing / disorienting / impractical now, especially in large, nonlinear projects.)
  • Classic’s image hotlinking (–> as in: just paste an image’s URL to paste an image)
  • Classic’s double-clicking to immediately add a text box (–> I think that everyone wants to add text in their Prezis very often)
  • Classic’s visible frames for zoom areas (–> it is now impossible to keep track of invisible zoom areas, especially when there are many of them / when they are nested into each other / close to each other)

Is there any good news regarding how to edit the path? I have spent hundreds of hours building presentations in Classic. These presentations are my work product that I use for my client work. Now I am unable to quickly or easily edits my Classic presentations. I am horrified to think I may need to rebuild my presentations in another format - not Prezi. Please let me/us know our requests to be able to edit our presentations are being heard and acted upon. Thank you

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