How to customise video templates?

I am working on creating a prezi video I can use live but I want to move between a Side notes template to a lower thirds template within the program. At this point it seems I would have to create separate presentations for what I am wanting to do.
I’m a middle and high school art teacher creating for both in person, live virtual students and remote asynchronous students. I’ve been able to work out some of my lessons in the past but they have been very simple. And I am doing this all by myself. I’d really like to only have 2 keys to press on my keyboard rather than switching between programs for this lesson.

Hello @Larry_Lehew, could you please elaborate on what you mean by a side notes template and a lower thirds template, so we can better assist you?

Feel free to send any screenshots as well :slight_smile:

Hope to hear from you soon!

So here are the basic options I have. I am unable to mix them within a single presentation. Especially if I am presenting Live.

The first one is the side screen where I like to put lists and such.
The second one is the lower thirds option I like to use to highlight steps while I am in the process of a demonstration

I would really like a lot more customization for my live presentations as I can always sort my recordings in post.

I hope that is clear


here is the second one

replying to the email bounced back with error

Thanks for the detailed explanation @Larry_Lehew!

You’re able to further customise your video templates by editing them in Prezi Present.

Open the online editor (browser), click on the option “Create from template”, scroll down to the Video templates section, and you’ll find several options.

Choose the one more fitting for your use case, and afterwards, you can edit anything on it, including adding horizontal/vertical topics. Please, check this video tutorial where we explain how to achieve it.

Then, you can simply open the Prezi Video desktop application and select the option “Import from Prezi”:

Your customised video template will be imported, and you can stream it through your preferred conference tool, as usual :slight_smile:

Hope this could help, and please, let us know if you have further questions!

Hi there:

The range of templates in the Prezi Video app is missing some obvious ones: a template with the PPT in the upper left corner and the upper right corner. No fancy stuff required at all. Simple these options. All the options are middle or lower on the screen. Most live PPT presentations have video on a screen above the presenter, so it makes sense to do this in your templates too.

Also: many of the templates are so cluttered as to be useless. Why have so little real variety of USEABLE templates? If the templates were better, this would be a great product that I would very happily recommend to all my friends who are presenters.


Hi @Ralf_Humphries, I’ve merged your question to the relevant topic.

Could you please my colleague’s response above? :slight_smile:

Basically what am hearing is the we can create the content outside of Prezi video and import it in as an overlay to the video.
This is instead of using the internal templates and content addition tools. If we want to add any text such as a live or last minute edit we have to re import since the Add Text field works within one of the templates and there is no way to customize that text.

So where is the advantage to using Prezi Video over OBS a transparent background slide show?

Take [ ] as the entire screen width:

Right now all the template looks like this:
[ ---------Person--------- | -PPT- ]

What I am looking for is to switch the sizes between PPT and the Video:
[ --------- PPT -------- | -Person- ]

Is it possible? How can it be setup?

Hi @Tim_Tsai, I’ve merged your question to the relevant topic.

Could you please check my colleague’s answer above? :slight_smile:

I agree with Ralf, there should be some pre-made templates that are simpler.
No fancy stuff, just simple PPT screen and video screen.

I tried customize template to what I needed and I am constantly lost…
very very lost

And I still don’t see how you can adjust the template so I can have a split screen where PPT covers 3/4 of the screen and the video covers 1/4 of the screen…

Looks to me the online editor only allow you to edit the ppt …

I simply want to achieve something like this… very simple
but after hours of experiment I am still lost

hi Bart:

Thanks for your reply.

I’m irritated by including my request down the thread in this topic, rather than in the topic I started.


Catarina’s response does not address my request. I want additional or editable templates in Prezi Video. I don’t want to make my presentation in Prezi Present and then import the whole presentation. That does not give me a TEMPLATE that works with the Prezi Video functionality.

I have taken the time to work with Prezi Present and it doesn’t work for my purpose. Moreover it’s awkward and clunky for me. It makes the process into a two step process, so it’s inefficient.

I LOVE the Prezi Video app and its simplicity and functionality—except for the limited range of templates, which could easily be remedied with a few additions from your end. It’s so obvious to have some templates with the PPT in the top left of top right! It’s ridiculous that there aren’t any!

Prezi Present is not easy to work with, as others have said. It produces a PV file that, when imported, does not have the same usability and functionality that the PVI file does in the Prezi Video app.

My advice is: please listen to what your customers want.


Hi @Ralf_Humphries, thanks for your detailed feedback.

Currently, it is possible to tailor your presentation to your needs for Prezi Video using Prezi Present. We do constantly channel the feedback we receive on this community forum and elsewhere to our product team and we will update this thread if we have any news regarding what you have articulated.

Hi @Tim_Tsai, you can do that with Prezi Present. Once you have inserted your PPT slides you can right-click on the slide, select advanced topic editing, then arrange/shrink the PPT slide inside the Zoom area in a way that it covers the needed area. I would be happy to create a short video demoing this if you could send a small demo PPT.

If you can just make a demo video on how to archive my purpose, I would greatly apprecite it. No need for me to provide you a PPT, you can just any dummy PPT.
Since my challenge here is I CAN NOT simply create a simple setup like following:


I sign up for a paid membership and then had to cancel it because it is still toooooo difficulty to use…

I do not like any fancy transition animation. I simply want a big screen area of PPT and a smaller screen area of the webcam recording. Click and go to next PPT.

I don’t understand why it is so difficulty to have something simple and fundamental.
After I upload a ppt with Prezi Present, it is already preloaded with some fancy effect which I DO NOT LIKE.

I am going nuts here

I do not think the Prezi Present is what I am looking for, since it is pre-built with transition animation between slides which I DO NOT NEED NOR WANT to have

I think what I want to do here is very simple, and a lot of users are asking for SIMPLE setup like this.

(1) To be able to setup PPT area and Zoom or Webcam Recording Area
(2) To be able to upload PPT, and the entire PPT should stay in the PPT area
(3) Do video recording with the uploaded PPT, no fancy animation for each side. Just keep everything in its place as setup.

Can Prezi accomplish simple task like this?

Hi @Tim_Tsai, thanks for your feedback, I’m forwarding it to our product team.

In the meantime, I have created a video showing you how you can achieve something like you described using the PPT import in Prezi Present. You can check this video here.

Hope this helps, and we will update this thread if there are any news about this.

I am sorry to say this, but thanks for nothing. Your demo video did not achieve anything close to what I have described. It’s a shame you guys created something that can only do fancy stuff that many users doesn’t need, but it couldn’t achieve any simple tasks that more users are looking for.

From your video I can tell you are also challenged to setup the PPT area to any size, it is fixed at certain ratio. very sad app.