How to delete a presentation?

How can I delete a presentation in Prezi Next? I can’t see any button!
My screen resolution is 1920 x 1080.
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To delete a presentation, please follow the steps of this article in our Knowledge Base. I hope it helps!

Thanks Vanda!
Yes, I saw this article, but the problem is that in my screen (I think because of the screen resolution) I can’t see the “three points”…

Dear Vanda,
I have fixed the problem with an additional software in my computer which allows to see all elements of Prezi in the screen.

That’s great news, I’m glad to hear it!

I’ve had problems in the past with finding things on the Prezi screen. I wear bifocals and have decreased my screen resolution so I can see it better. When I can’t find something that I know should be there (like the “Use this Template” button) I use the shortcut Ctrl + Minus Sign to zoom back out to find it. Ctrl + Plus sign (or mouse scroll wheel) zooms it back in again.

The Delete button, however, is unnecessarily difficult to find. I made a video to help those who are searching for it. I call it the “Hidden Delete Button.”

Right-click (using a standard mouse on PC) will give you a menu that has the Delete option as well.

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What was the “wonderful” software"?
Thanks in advance

Dear Robin,
Your explanations are the definitive ones, they help a lot, and the video is wonderful!
Many many thanks!


The software that I found is Infinitescreen (

how to delete presentation in free basic

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