How to display different text levels?

Dear all ,
I was wondering if there was any solution to zoom in a text to display another text, as if I create a hierarchical structure of depth 3 or 4, rather the depth of 2 levels the standard examples in Prezi can produce.
Hope this is clear, please let me know.


@SARAH_BOUFELJA I hope I understood your question correctly and can offer a solution for you.

This structure can be achieved by using multiple levels of subtopics. Let’s say you add a topic to the middle of the screen and add some text to the topic cover.

Then, when you zoom in, you add a subtopic again to the middle and add another textbox to its topic cover. You can repeat this a few times (although please know that we do not recommend to go above seven levels as too much zooming in can make the presentation crash).

This way you can create the illusion of zooming into the text itself and revealing another textbox at the same time.