How to download a presentation from Prezi?

Hi Vera,

I have a Prezi Next Plus, still wont able to download. Would you please let me know ?

@Leep_NGO please make sure you try to export it from the desktop application. Please follow the suggestions from this port above:

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Thank you!! I’m going to save all of this bc I’m new to Prezi and I love it! My last presentation was awesome! But I do have small glitches here n there and can’t tell if it’s me, my moody laptop, or the Prezi app itself. I just access it through &all my files n stuff are saved.
Question - can I put a presentation onto an external drive (thumb drive) or does it all just sit there, saved, in ?? Thanks&have a nice day🐤

@Laura_Duran it’s also possible to download a presentation as a standalone file but please note that it’s only possible with a Plus or above license type.

OH COME SERIOUSLY first the pathway way issue and now this so now your saying I can’t download my prezi next great you guys are just great. I have to print out my presentation for school, now I can’t because you guys just want to take money out of our wallets. This is the last straw I’m done with prezi.

Utter ridiculousness

@Kathryn_Kathryn @Olof_Brandt

so what you do is zoom in to whatever you wanted to print out (optional its going to be zoomed in after anyways) and go to the search at the bottom of your desktop and search the snipping tool then set it as rectangle and click new then all you need to do it cut out the part of the prezi you want using the snipping tool (you need to do this multiple times on each slide you want) then save it onto a usb and print it :slight_smile: hope that helps you guys (sorry I could only tag 2 people)

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To hell with you prezi, I’ve been used to free download, now you want me to pay the whole annual fee even for a single presentation. I’m done with you, good bye!

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Thank you Vanda, is there also a version of Prezi I can download to view my presentations offline?

@Daryl_Graves absolutely, please check this answer above for further details:

Can I save a presentation on an USB key ? I am trying to find the way in order to save my presentation but I do not arrive to find the command.

Can you show me the way please ?

@Remy_Montvernay it’s possible with a Plus or Edu Plus license, please see my answer above for further details.


Hello Vanda, I am a Prezi Next user under the “Plus Plan” 7 day free trial. The option to download a presentation for offline use on my computer is unavailable and instead says “Available only on the Prezi Next App”. A point in the right direction on what I am do would be very helpful, as I would really like to be able to download my presentation on my computer, thank you!

I attached a link for visual reference of this issue.

@Frigel_North_America to download a presentation, you first need to install the desktop application because the standalone files can only be exported from there. For further details and download links for different OSs, please check this article.

@Vanda Yes I had that resolved by another staff member. I really appreciate the response regardless thank you.

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I have read in posts that, with an EDU Plus account I should be able to download Prezis. I just opened my account today, however I cannot download my Prezi. Please advise. Thank you.

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Why is there a button in the web version of Prezi to download the Prezi, but greyed out and without any warning that it only works in the desktop version…
You will have people clicking that button, trying it on different Prezi’s etc. Checking if their subscription is paid etc… only to find out that that button will never work … so why is it there???
Or why is there no message that says to download through the desktop app…
(getting this question from frustrated clients)