How to download Classic prezis as PDFs?

Hi! I am hoping to download my prezi classic presentations as PDFs. I understand you can do this with Next, but is there any plans to incorporate this feature in Classic? As we cannot convert Classic prezis to Next prezis, this would be a very helpful feature. Thank you!

Hi @Jenny_Holloway, it is possible, please check this article. Let me know if you need more informations, I’m happy to help!

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Me gustaría descargar mis propios Prezi, la mayoría son antiguos y los tengo en Prezi Classic. Se que si amplio mi cuenta y pago un extra te deja descargar en PDF pero pone que solo es una ampliación en Prezi Next. Por lo tanto ¿aunque yo pagara no podría descargar en Prezi Classic?

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I would like to download my own Prezi, most are old and I have them in Prezi Classic. I know that if I expand my account and pay an extra, it lets you download in PDF but it says that it is only an extension in Prezi Next. Therefore, even if I paid I could not download in Prezi Classic?

Hello @Monica_Mediavilla_Pe, I’ve merged your question into the relevant thread, please see the reply above. You should be able to export your presentations to PDF following the instructions in the article. If you need further assistance feel free to reach out to us.

Cuando presiono el enlace me sale una web en la cual aparece que hay un error y no esta el contenido que usted me esta comentando.

When I press the link I get a website in which it appears that there is an error and there is no content that you are telling me.

Hola Monica, ¿puede acceder a este enlace?

pone error 404 lost in space

Hola @Monica_Mediavilla_Pe, aquí está un video tutorial, espero que pueda abrir este.
Cuando abre su presentación para editarla, puede encontrar el botón Compartir y Exportar a PDF en la esquina superior derecha.

Para ver esa opción primero tengo que pagar la tarifa de prezi next ¿verdad?

To see that option first I have to pay the prezi next rate right?

Hello @Monica_Mediavilla_Pe, in case you’re using Prezi Next yes, this feature is only available with a Plus or higher plan. You can find the instructions on how to export Next presentations to PDF on this page.