How to edit topic zoom area?

I want to edit the tipic zoom are of a subtopic so that the planet isn’t visible. The zoom area shows the circle by default but I want to zoom in further in so that you can’t see the boundaries of the circle. I managed to to this by, I believe, right clicking on the “Topic zoom area” label that appears when I click the subtopic, but I haven’t been able to get the option again to do the same with my other subtopics? I’d appreciate your help!

Hi @Paola_Carreno, could you share the link of the presentation with us so we can take a look? Thanks in advance.

I’m also highly interested in this - please tell me how to move/resize subtopic zoom area. It is visible when I click Advanced topic editing… in subtopic context menu. I’m aware of workaround with some subtopic background shape, but it would be great if I could move/resize zoom area as I can move/resize subtopic shape or text. My prezi is here:
Image of the problem here:

Hello @Milan_Kosir, you can select the zoom area the same way as the topic cover, you’ll need to click on its edges, then right click and select Edit topic zoom area. After that you’ll be able to move and resize it. Here is a screencast which shows you how you can do this.

For a couple of my sub-topics, my zoom frame is not covering all of the planets or the sub-topic circle. Any suggestions welcomed.

Hello @Susan_McKee, you can reposition or change the size of the zoom area of any topic or subtopic. First you have to right click on the subtopic circle and select Advanced topic editing, then you’ll be able to select, and resize or move the zoom area. Here is a screencast which shows you how to do this. I hope this helps.

Thanks Sara,

That solved the problem.

Can you shed any light on how it happened in the first place so I can avoid it next time? It only happened for a couple of my sub-topics.




Hello @Susan_McKee, this can happen when you’re moving around the subtopic circles on the canvas, or simply select and change the zoom area accidentally. Please let me know if you have any other questions, I’ll be happy to help.