How to edit transcript


The transcript below our presentations seems a bit random, does anybody know how to change the transcript, or how to controll what goes into the transcript?


Hello @SPO_Partner_in_gesch, could you please send us the view link for one of these presentations so we can assist you? :slight_smile:

Thanks Catarina,

Hello @SPO_Partner_in_gesch, could you please create a copy of the presentation and let us know if the transcript is updated correctly?

It seems about the same. We were wondering how it is generated? and is it possible to make changes? or hide it all together?

Hello @SPO_Partner_in_gesch, the transcript is automatically generated and there isn’t a way to edit it, but if you change anything in your presentation the transcript should update correctly :slight_smile:

I need helo, too. Suddenly the transcriptions below my presentations are disapeared. I got a business account.


Thank you.

Hello @Jessica_Sawatzke, the transcript of Prezi Next presentations is only available of they are set to public, as this feature is displayed through the Explore page or through a Google search :slight_smile:

I would like to EDIT or delete my written transcript, but I can not locate this in order to do so. My prezi is changed, and the transcript no longer matches.
How do I edit or delete the written presentation which accompanies the actual prezi??

Hi @cindi_ewert_allen, I’ve merged your question to the relevant topic.
Could you send me a link of the presentation so I can check on this?

My presentation is not quite done. It is due today (!), and took much longer than the time frame we had, in my humble opinion : ). I am working on this now, to add voice-over to a few more slides.
I was trying to delete JUST my voice on a few slides to re-do, but delete buttons did not do the trick, and I do not want to delete an entire slide, too much work to redo that portion.
Also, I am not sure if Prezi will allow me to shrink up the size of the finished Prezi, or if I need to find a program to do this and do it with no mistakes or complete delete(!), it has to be presented smoothly and efficiently into the Submission area of our portal. I am sure this file will be too large as is right now.
Thank you so much for replying!

Cindi E

Hi @cindi_ewert_allen, the transcript should be updated automatically if you change the text of your presentation. If it does not then it is a bug which we would need to investigate, so it would be helpful if you could link the presentation.

If you are working in Prezi Next, then you should be able to remove the audio from a topic without deleting the whole topic. What happens exactly if you try to remove the inserted audio?

What do you mean by shrinking up the size of the presentation? Are you planning to post a video of your presentation, your online presentation or an offline portable version of the presentation?

Thank you for replying! First thing, I do not have the Prezi Next, Second, I do have to keep the voice with the prezi, as this was part of our assignment (first assignment using slides, voice, transcripts, insert photos, cover slide, reference slide, the voice is a requirement : ).
I will try again to download into our student portal, and once again, I had no idea that your customer service replies so quickly, huge thank you!

Cindi E.

Hello @cindi_ewert_allen, I was checking your account and you’re creating your presentations with Prezi Next :slight_smile:

In relation to the audio, with Next it’s only possible to insert it inside your topics/subtopics.

If you’re having some issues to upload the presentation to the student portal, you can also try to upload it in a ZIP folder.

Hope this could help!

I am tryin to find out how to disable the transcription of the video. I teach 1st grade and it doesn’t always transcribe what I said correctly. I had a few words that were not nice in my first video. Please help! I love using this to make my videos but I can’t send them to my babies without editing the the transcription and I don’t have that kind of time.

Hi @Daisy_Bonner, I’ve merged your question to the relevant topic.

It is possible to turn off the audio transcript on the admin page of the Prezi Video that you can reach if you click on the cogwheel of the Prezi Video (next to the play button) on your video dashboard.

Hope this helps!