How to erase a presentation on prezi viewer in iphone?

I once opened a prezi presentation from safari that eventualy opened the app prezi viewer in my iphone, now this presentation appear listed along with my own presentations, I want to erase this prezi from my list but I dont fine a way to complete this task, I tried to open my account on a desktop computer and this presentation does not appear in my list but it continues to show in my iphone, can anyone give me an advice on how to erase a prezi from the list in iphone prezi viewer?

Dear Javier,

Currently it is not possible to manage the prezis (for instance delete them) on the Iphone Viewer.
Thank you very much for letting us know your needs on this!

Happy Zooming,
István Csúsz

Thank you for your prompt answer. I found a workaround and it is to delete the app from your own iphone and reinstall it, this way when you login it will only update the presentations you created. Hope someday prezi updates the app adding at least the option to erase presentations from the list.

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