How to filter out all images that are not licensed for commercial use?


I would like to be sure not to get into legal troubles when using images suggested by Prezi when clicking on Insert /Image. Is there a way to filter out all images that are not licenced for commercial use? Thanks in advance for your answer.

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Hi, Oliver.

We have addressed the question in this topic:

In order to make sure there would be no issue with that, we would recommend using images from websites where you can get free images:

I believe the question was about the images that Prezi offers within the editor. I would like to know what licence they are on.
I know that I can upload images to make sure the licence is free but I have already used images from Prezi library in Prezi Videos, so it is crucial for me to know who owns them/is the licence CC0?

Prezi-suggested images are from - I’ve found you can hover over the image before clicking and it will give you the photographer/website credit info. And I found this you might be interested in regarding the unsplash license use:

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Hey @Agnieszka_Bilska the images are from, as per @Plastic_Ingenuity’s reply :slight_smile:

These images are licensed by us to be used by our customers, so any content you create you are freely entitled to use these images in them.