How to fit the background image to the canvas?

whenever I upload a background and run the presentation, it never fits the screen, it’s showing empty white space on either ends. It’s just too frustrating, can anyone help???

Hopefully you can find a better answer, but here’s what I’ve been doing.  Maybe this will tide you over until you get a better answer.

I go into paint, find the color used in the background that I want to upload, then find the rgb code for that color, and then use that code to make a matching color for my prezi background.  This won’t get you an enlarged version of your original background ~ which surely would be more preferable.  But, maybe this will tide you over.

You probably have to change the size of your background, but I’ve never quite figured that one out!

Good luck!

Hi Abdul, 

When you upload a background image to prezi you can play with the zoom to build your presentation.
I’d suggest you to not use the limits of your background image as your canvas.

Please check screenshot bellow: 

Please note that I’ve used part of my background image to create my prezi. 
And the bigger picture of my prezi looks like these (because I’ve set my biggest frame in the center of the background image):

Hope that helps you.


I’m not real sharp on the terminology ~ so I don’t even know how to ask this question, but is there some way that you could tell how HOW big to make it?  Thanks!  For the help ~ your answer was oh, so, obvious!  I’m mad that I didn’t figure this one out myself!


well that sounds like an answer, setting the path point was the deal I was missing out on this one… thank you so much for the brief answe…

it’s quite a difficult thing to do but thanks for the help anyways…

I’m glad I could help!

Hi Pam, your doubt can be the question of any other user, so no worries :slight_smile:

Unfortunately, I can’t tell how big you should make it, because  it depends on how do you place your path points, elements, images…

I would suggest you to get a good background image (smaller then 2880 by 2880 pixels), by consideration leave a wide margin, zoom in and work in the center of the chosen background.

Hope it helps.

Fantastic!  Will do!  thank you!

every time I try and use a background image I set it to the size I want on the canvas then if I click away from it it appears to shrink massively.

Canvas at Maximum

Image place on Canvas at Maximum

 image now at centre (only just visable) with canvas on maximum

can anyone tell me why this is happening please and how to correct it?

Many Thanks