How to fix lines and arrows to the background


Hi everybody, i was using prezi classic a few years ago and switched now to prezi next to make a visualisation of a trip I have done. I am using the world map theme. My problem is, that the position of lines and arrows (representing the trip) move depending on the zoomfactor relatively to the background (map). In easier words, I an arrow ends in Barcelona in a certain zoomfactor, its position moves with zooming in/out to somewhere else.

Any ideas?

Thank you


Hello, @Philipp_Groten.
I see what the problem is, the arrow indeed would change the position slightly with a zoom. Could you please share a link to the presentation so that we could come up with a solution best-suited for you presentation?
In the meantime, could I maybe suggest involving fade-in and fade-out sequences? In a way that arrows are visible on the bigger overview and then they are faded out, and once you zoom in, they are faded-in again.


Hi Lana, thank you for your help. I prepared an example in the following prezi . The red arrow i made should start in the top corner of England and should end in the south corner.
The main problem is, that I cant position the things in the perspective of the later presentation. Due to this i can put it on the right spot while editing, but than i shifts away.
The fading in/fading out is not really an option, because the problems i mentioned will stay…
Hope you have an idea!


I see the issue, yes. Could you please still maybe shows us the presentation which you are building? If we have a bigger context, we can come up with a potential solution. We just would need to see what comes before and after the arrow. If you do not feel comfortable sharing the link publicly, please let me know and I can make the topic private.


Actually I didn’t start till now, because its probably a few weeks work and it doesnt make sense without that feature. I just played around with next, since I didnt have any experience with it. What came out was this bug and it’s pretty simple to reproduce. just try to draw an arrow on a map (theme) as a route (from a certain point to another) and it will change position with zooming or if start the presentation. To get a little idea of what i want to do I attached an prezi classic presentation where it worked properly. I dont see any option to make something like that in prezi next, which is a bit sad.


Thank you for the link. I tried to reproduce a similar effect by placing a screenshot of the background on top of the background:

And then adding the objects and animations on top of the image:

Would it be something that could work for you?

Here is a link to the presentation itself:


Good Idea! I just see a Problem with the resolution. I gues its not a vector graphic anymore than. I will present the prezi in a big hall with huge projection. I dont know if that works there as well. Any ideas how that will work?


I just ran into the other discussions about resolution size. Is it really true that it scales down everything to small resolution? Still?


Yes, as you might have seen in this discussion, for example, currently we have the resolution limitation to ensure that all the viewers are able to display the content no matter what their machine’s specifications are.

We do have an ongoing discussion about keeping the resolution of the background image and we’ll be passing on the feedback to the product team.