How to get an EDU licence?

what I read is, that Prezi need a verified email-adress from the university. but what is mean with that? just my normal email-adress or a special papier from the University?
Thank you

is it possible to work with an Edu-Licence on a private Laptop, too? I work often from home, so I need it also there.

Hi @Heike_Hupach, did you receive my reply earlier? If you have a university email address, then you can sign up for an EDU Plus license. Just change your email address to the educational one, add your occupation (student or teacher) and you’ll be able to upgrade.

If you don’t have an educational email address, then you can send us a paper or your student ID ad as proof and we’ll help you set up the account.

You can use our software on multiple computers (Windows and Mac) logging in with the same email address. If you sign up for a yearly EDU Plus you will have 7 days to test if it works out for you. You won’t be charged during this period.