How to get transparent image in Prezi

I am trying to use the business plan template. I like the concept but I want to put a kid in the image instead of the guy in the suit.
How can I change that or is that embedded in the template?

@Mike_Kelly This is a default background image that you can exchange for a custom background and you can equally use a PNG image that covers up the man in the suit.

However, I would recommend you to start off with an own background and place your topics freely on it in order to achieve a similar but customized result.

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The issue is having a PNG image that is transparent and hard to find. Haven’t been able to make one yet.
Thanks for the input.

Please feel free to check out our topic on finding good visuals, it might be useful.

How can I achieve the images with transparent background. Having a hard time finding some.

It could be helpful to use Google image search tools and choose ‘Transparent’ as shown below, for example.[da29585679fd78cba54c31f802f170f4]_Image%202018-02-28%20at%208.47.16%20AM.png

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