How to give instructions on viewing a presentation



I find Prezi support to be so lean that it’s practically useless.Thank heaven for this community!

Does anyone have some short phrases they’ve developed to help a user understand Prezi if you are sending a link to a group you don’t know. I am NOT presenting the prezi personally but rather, I’m giving them the link and they will view at their leisure IF they can figure out what to do.


You can use an article from our Knowledge Base that explains the steps of viewing a presentation. It includes screenshtos and a video, as well, if some visual aid is needed.


Thank you for the response but my issue is WHEN I AM NOT PRESENTING but giving the Prezi to the end user, how do THEY know how to proceed.


You can also send them this article which they can open on their end or you can use some excerpts from the article that explains the process.



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