How to hide the already “fade out” objects in editing interface

I’ve got a very maddening problem. I want to have multiple images and Text in the same place in turn to appear and disappear, which can be done with “fade in” and “fade out”, but in the editing interface, the images that are already “fade out” are still there, this means that all my images and Text are crowded together, so that I can’t see clearly and continue to editing. Is there anyone know how to solve this problem? I have never met it before in Prezi Classic!

Hi @Bin_Zhu,
I’ve forwarded your feedback to our product team.

As a workaround for now I could suggest you to add these objects into a Stack topic, one object to one page.
This way you can edit them as separate steps on separate pages instead of separate animations steps on the same page.

Hope this helps!

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Hi, Bart.
Thank you for the suggestion, but unfortunately it causes too many zoom changes, which is not what I wanted.
To be honest, I chose prezi at first because it allowed me to present my ideas freely and logically, now the update to prezi next has added a lot of restrictions, like I can’t even make the one I want without choosing a template! What used to make me feel great about prezi classic, prezi next has lost, like this problem, like when there are too many animations, prezi classic has a specific number in the editing page, whereas next I can’t even tell which one did it. All animations have almost the same name, and you can’t stay at the page you want to view even after you select it. I haven’t used prezi classic so many times, but it’s because of those times that I gave up on ppt, and chose prezi again. Maybe it’s because now I’m not familiar with prezi next, but so far most of it has driven me really really really crazy, maybe next time I’ll give up on prezi and use ppt. But thank you anyway for your help.

Hi @Bin_Zhu,
You can choose blank templates either in white or black color.

Please note, that there were no fade out animation in Prezi Classic.

If you are using a Stack topic with pages then there is no zooming motion between the pages, there’s only a crossfade of the old and the new content.

I would recommend you to check out this article for further information.

Hope this helps!

Hi There, I have the same issue as Bin_Zhu. Is there no way of temporarily ‘hiding’ content whilst editing a page? Would make my life so much easier when editing as getting the margins, positioning and size of (certainly text) is a nightmare when everything is stacked on top of each other.

‘Stack Topics’ aren’t a solution to my issue either as the cross fade doesn’t work with my presentation at all. I’m working with a graphic designer on my presentation and neither of us can find an effective work around.

Thanks in advance.

Hi @Copiers_Printers, currently it is not possible to hide content in the editor, everything will be visible that is on the same view.
Could you describe a bit more why the cross fade effect does not work for your presentation?
I’ll forward your feedback to the product team!

Hi Bart, Sure thing, I’ve kind of worked a way to initially put my content together without too much issue. The problem is if I then need to go back in to edit something I have to pull the whole page apart to get to the bit I need to edit.

I have found the ‘cross fade’ effect sort of ‘flickers’ when actually presenting and also because of the way my topic and subtopic paths are structured, I’d have to go back over already presented content to get back to my next page.

It’s not a major thing but would make editing a presentation so much quicker and easier if you could temporarily hide content when editing.


Thanks for the detailed answer, I’ll share this with the team.