How to import the texts and figures only without the original backgorund of my ppt sildes to Prezi?

I’ve a nice experience of using Prezi. Many audiences and colleagues were interested in Prezi and asked me how to use it. I’ve tried to transfer all my ppt slides to Prezi. However, the current function of importing ppt file to Prezi is to import them as images. That wound be OK for me. But, I need the texts and figures only, not the background of original ppt slides. Even though I imported a ppt slide with blank background, it will be a “white-colored” background image rather than “blank” or “transparent” background image in Prezi. I believe that many users like me will use another new image as background in Prezi as “map” or “picture of story”. It would be a great help to promote Prezi. Thanks!

Dear Robin Pierman,
Thanks for your sharing. It is the way that I transfer my PowerPoint slide to Prezi, too. In the Power Point, I select all items in one slide (text, figure, table,…) except background and right-click, then save them as a picture (png). However, by this method, one side could be saved as one image file, and I have to import them one by one in Prezi. Another benefit of this method is that it solves the problem of “font type” limited of text available in Prezi. But, it is time consuming and I hope the Prezi team could add this function.