How to limit zooming while editing with an Apple mouse?

Prezi keeps zooming out all the time while I try to edit topics and subtopics. I do not click anywhere nor do I scroll or anything. I am using an Apple mouse which has integrated scrolling, could it be that Prezi reacts too quickly to any kind of touch on the mouse? It is really embarrassing, the constant zooming makes the editing process very uncomfortable. Any way to prevent Prezi from doing this in the editing process?

Hello @Kristina_Be, when you scroll inside the Prezi Present editor it will zoom out/in, to allow you to quickly navigate and reach specific areas of your presentation.

My recommendation would be to either disable or “limit” the vertical scrolling of your Apple mouse while you’re editing, to avoid what you described from happening.

Yes, the specific behavior of the Apple Mouse on MacOS has been an issue, at least in some apps, for a long time. Apparently, it is embedded in the driver code sending non-standard scroll or whatever commands to MacOS. See for example: Apple Magic Mouse scrolling behaves poorly in Adobe apps | Adobe Photoshop Family and other places. I did have this type of issue you are reporting in Adobe Lightroom & Acrobat with Apple’s Magic Mouse. My solution: I have bought a $ 6.00 noname mouse wired to my MacBook Pro via USB and replaced the Apple Magic mouse completely. Result: much more convenient to use and no unwanted never-ending scrolls.


Hello @Ludwig_Nastansky, thanks for sharing your recommendation!