How to make a topic cover disappear in a presentation?

I am creating a Prezi gift exchange. I have 16 topics, each has an image of a wrapped gift package, covering an image of a gift item (for example a photo of a box with a ribbon covering a photo of a stuffed animal). While presenting, I will ask someone to pick a topic. Then I open the topic to reveal the image and click the image to reveal the hidden image. Next, I zoom out and ask the next person to pick a topic. I would like each selected image to stay revealed after a topic is selected.

During the presentation, is there a way to have hide the topic cover after the topic is revealed? Or a way to change the topic cover to the image during the presentation?

Hello @Jenny_Rieck, you’re able to insert two different covers (images) on your topics, and make one of them disappear by using animations. I would recommend you to “fade out” the first image, and “fade in” the second one. You can check how it looks like in this video example :slight_smile:

Let me know if this was helpful!

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