How to open a portable prezi?

For a presentation I downloaded my prezi, following the instructions. When opening the zip file and unzipping it, there are 2 .exe files (but they doesn’t show a file mark of prezi in the prezi.exe) . If I open one file it says ‘can’t find the file content\prezi.exe’, the other file says that the Adobe AIR needs to be installed (after installing this, it still shows, even after rebooting the computer).

Can someone help me? I’m using a 3D image as a background in the prezi, using windows 8 and the title of the prezi contains 39 characters.

Hello Eveline,

You have a windows device, after downloading the Prezi presentation you got a .zip file. With the right mouse you select unzip all files. The destination map is the desktop (for me the easiest way). After unzipping you got one! file .exe with a prezi logo. Double click and the Prezi will start. 

Check also maybe this video:

Good luck and enjoy Prezi.



Eko, I’m having the same issue. I followed the instructions exactly in the video and am still getting the 2 different errors.  When trying to open the Prezi file from prezi.exe in the main folder, I get the “can’t find the file content\prezi.exe” error.  When trying to open the Prezi file from prezi.exe in the Content folder, a Prezi player pops up, but says, “Oops, trouble with your Prezi? Check your internet connection…” Screenshots attached.

Hello Thompson Vou, 
Thanks for your question. There are two differences

Download the Prezi and unzip the full downloaded package

I can help you also if you give me the link and share it with me.
I’ll send you the Prezi through wetransfer, which you can unpack and play on the desktop.

Have you also got online movies in the Prezi? When you have, you need internet to play the video’s.

Hope to help,

With regards,

Eko Kooistra from Holland

Hi Eko,

The screenshots I attached are the result of downloading and unzipping the entire package.  There aren’t any online movies/videos.

I just emailed you the share link to your email.


I’m having the same problem.  I click on the prezi file to run after I unzipped.  I get nothing.  Not even an error message.