How to place an image in a corner of a subtopic




Could anyone tell me how to place an image in the outer corner of subtopic without moving the frame?



Use a Stack subtopic instead of a Planet. Planets are limited to a 1:1 aspect ratio that doesn’t correspond to the monitor screen 16:9. Stacked pages will allow you to put content anywhere within the rectangle of your screen.

Robin from TeachMePrezi


That would be an option if it was possible to place a planet (or even a clickable button or something) inside a page so i don’t need to follow up all of the oncoming pages but i can just click the one i want. (Just like planets…)
Sadly this is something that i have read more about on this forum and it doesn’t seem that Prezi is tempting to change anything about it, there just offering workarounds…


@Twan_van_de_Ven We looked into the issue, tried to recreate it but, if we understood the request correctly, could not reproduce the issue as the frame remained intact, please see this screen recording.

I apologise if I misunderstood the request, if possible please create a similar screen recording of the issue so we can better understand it and hopefully find a solution.


Hi Agnes,

Please see the attached document, notice how the grey “frame” line keeps moving as the object gets close to the edge.

The only way to prevent it is to place another object in the opposed corner, although I shouldn’t remove this object.


Hi Agnes,

Any progress since i shared the video explaining my problem?


@Twan_van_de_Ven I am sorry we have posted a repsonse here.

We did not receive any attachment, could you please upload the video to Wetransfer and send us the download link? Thanks in advance.



Thank you, I tested your account (please see the support copy on your dashboard) but I was unable to reproduce the issue, please see the screen recording here.

Please try to add the image in the online editor and also try to reinstall the app as I also tested the presentation there but the frame did not move. Let me know if reinstalling or editing online does not solve the problem and we will try to find another workaround.


Hi Agnes, it seems that reinstalling the app did the trick


Great, thanks for letting us know!