How to position planets



I want to change the standard layout of an open topic with its planets.
I set the opacity of the my topic (filling and border) to zero (to make it disappear).
Now I’m going to do the same with its subtipics; but before doing that, I want to resize them and put them where I want, not where Prezi want,
I found it very difficolt.
To resize them, I have to select them all, cut and paste in the overview, resize them, cut and past again inside the topic.
To dispose them in a straight line but at difference distance between them…
I don’t know what to do!
thank Lauro


I was forgetting something even more frustrating:
How do I to put plantes in two rows?
Or Planets in a row and stacks in another one?


@Lauro_Colasanti While the topics can be placed freely in the overview (although they have to be connected linearly), subtopics currently are by default connected by the arch and cannot be increased/decreased in size or moved separately.

We understand that this can be restricting and we channel back all feature requests to the responsible team. However at the moment I can recommend you to use objects instead of subtopics (or maybe even topics). This way you can create fake subtopics by adding circles or you can also add zoom areas inside the topic, fade in your content, fade it out and zoom back out, which will look similarly as if you were using subtopics.


Hi Agnes,

Is there any development to this end? I dont quite understand your explanation how to create fake subtopics


@Twan_van_de_Ven Fake subtopics are shapes added to the presentation (if you add circles, they will look exactly like planets but you can also use any kind of shapes).

Instead of using topics/subtopics where you would zoom into the planets, you can use these shapes that can be positioned anywhere on the canvas. You are able to zoom to them and reveal text/images/any content you would include in a subtopic. These will not be included in the presentation path but you can freely zoom to them whenever you wish.


When will you make this “workaround” to be part of the presentation path? This has been a MAJOR problem for us and it is very time consuming (unlike in Classic) when needing to move our path around and to remember exactly what is where and when it comes up. We now have to make a list as to what goes where and when instead of looking at the once convenient and workable path tool. We have been waiting for almost a YEAR for many features that are now in the “PLANNED” stage. Does that mean another year’s wait? This has been a difficult year for us with presenting due to the lack of features Next has and our lack of confidence that Classic will continue. There is no longer any support, only articles for Classic, so how can we be confident that you will truly continue Classic?


I can’t get Prezi Next to work in the way I want but Classic does please help me find out why.


I am trying to get it to where I have one large planet (the main topic/the sun) and have 6 ~ 8 smaller planets (subtopics/the planets) going around the bigger planet like a spiral galaxy (more like an arm in a spiral galaxy) but when I try to go past halfway around the smaller planets make it more like the yin-yang symbol, all tho I know I can make it work in “Prezi Classic” I am trying to use “Prezi Next” instead because it’s newer and looks a little better in my eyes.


@Asuna_Yukii I merged your post to the relevant thread, please see the workaround offered above.


We’re happy to announce that the subtopics now can be moved freely, we hope you’ll enjoy using this feature.