How to present without being present?


Presenters know that some presentations don’t end with a round of applause from their audience. Prospects might want to rewatch your pitch with their colleagues to analyse some of its key elements, or your students could need your in-class presentation to prepare for their big exam.

Although you can’t always be present, your presentation can do its job even in when you’re not there!


Let the world see the awesome presentation you created by embedding it on a website or blog.


With our new voice-over feature, you can now add narration to your presentation, creating the perfect digital leave-behind for your audience.


Do you ever wonder which part of your presentation excites your audience the most? Track their activity with our Analytics tool and refine your content for your next pitch!

Email or print

Don’t worry, if you have to present in an offline environment: you can download your presentation as a standalone file or print it from a PDF version. This way you can give it to your audience as a handout or send it in an email.


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