How to purchase Prezi for Teams without bank card or paypal?

we would like to purcahse prezi, but we don’t find any way to do it. We are a french administration of 50 people, we’d like to have the “team” price, for 4 persons. But it seems like there’s is no way to  purcahse prezi if you don’t have a credit card or a pay pal account, which we do not have ! We would like to pay by bank transfer or mandat or else … impossible to find an answer to our question in the official site. We also sent 2 mails, without ay answers. Please, help us.

Thank you for your quick answer.

I already sent 2 messages with this contact form, without any answers (as i already told in the first message). and hey don’t really “get back shortly”.
I just sent a new one few minutes ago,

When i click on, and select “5” licences, I still have the same choice: credit card or paypal.

I’ve tried all kind of messages and mail support on your site (,, the contact form you indicate me, this forum …) and i still can’t find a solution to my issue.

It is really annoying and exasperating.

Don’t you have a simple link, with a document to download, so that we can fill-in our bancal informations, a simple phone number in french to help us ?


Ok Vera, thanks for your answers.
i’ll wait for their feed-back.