How to record an interview?


Is there a way we record interview questions, answer them in answering them and then viewing and listening to our answers?

How is this feasible?



Hello, @Nathalie_Abi-Nassif You can create a presentation with the interview questions, which you can then turn into a Prezi video and record yourself answering the questions. You will have to save the video and this way you can listen to your answers.
Let us know if you need further help :slight_smile:

Thank you. I will be more than grateful if you can guide me through this by sending me the steps to do please for the whole process?

Thanks a lot.


@Nathalie_Abi-Nassif To turn a presentation into a video, first you would have to create a presentation in which you add all of the information, in your case, the interview questions.
After the presentation part is finished, press the “Create video” button on the top-right corner of the editor. From there, you will be able to record the video. Once the recording is finished (please be advised that the maximum length of a video is 15 minutes) you can save the video on your dashboard.

To better help you visualize the steps, I have created a screen recording of the exact steps.

I hope you will find this helpful :slightly_smiling_face: