How to record with multiple presenters?

I need to record a presentation with multiple presenters into an mp4 format. Is it possible to do this IN prezi?

Hello @Jennifer_Stach, you’re able to pause the video while recording, so you can also split it between multiple presenters. You can check more about this here.

Hope this could help!

HI Everyone! A partner and I signed up for Prezi as we are creating a video /presentation for a university course. We signed up for this specifically as we were both hoping to record ourselves speaking in different parts of our presentation though prezi video while collaboratating. We both live in different provinces. As I work through our project I am beginning to realize that this is likely not possible for us to have two speakers but wanted to ask.


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Unfortunately, it is not possible to record with multiple presenters. You could record your part each then edit the two video into one with a 3rd party editing software.

A group of us have a class project and we all live over an hour from each other the best option for us is recording a voice recording over our topics is there a way where we can all record our own segments or is it just one person?

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