How to set the style for topics

I have created a presentation and have just now learned about stack-topics. All my topics are the planet type and they all look like a leaf. See the attached screenshot. When I add a Stack-topic, the style is just a green dot. I can change this shape from the library on the right hand side, but I dont understand how to set the same type of style as the rest of the presentation using planet topics. I need to change the green dot to a leaf. How to do that?

:: Stein Inge

Hello @Stein_Inge_Haaland, if you right-click on your Stack topic, then select “Advanced topic editing”, and click on your topic cover, you should be able to replace the cover for whatever you wish, and these changes will be applied to any Stack topic you’ll add.

You can check this tutorial on how to do so.

Please, let us know if you have further questions!

Hi Catarina. Thank you for the feedback, but it seems that my Prezi is not like yours. The video shows a Replace button but I dont have this buton in my program. See the attached screenshot. I also made a video but not sure how to share it

@Stein_Inge_Haaland here is a video on how to change it in your presentation, hope this can help!