How to size a square picture in a circle shape?


I want to change the shape of my pictures and specially transform them from a classical square shape to a circle one.
Does someone success in it?


Hi @Christophe_LIBEAU unfortunately prezi classic do not have any in built image editor (Yes extremely frustrating for everyone, though it seems they don’t care much at this point other than merging your request to some relevant thread).

Personally the workaround I am using is through powerpoint. You can follow the easy steps below,

  1. Copy any image to a powerpoint slide.
  2. Click format and crop the image in 1:1 ratio.
  3. Again click crop and this time use the circle shape to crop the image
  4. This will create a perfect circular shape of your image
  5. Save the image as png
  6. Now insert in prezi.

Hope that helps untill prezi is providing in build editor.

Thank you