How to transfer a Prezi Next presentation from one account to another?

ok, thank you very much!

Hi everyone, I have same problem, but I can’t copy (option is unabled). I have two accounts (edu and simple). I tried share my prezis, but in my page of simple account don’t have the copy option. What can be wrong?

Oi pessoal, eu tenho o mesmo problema, mas não consigo copiar (a opção não é habilitada). Eu tenho duas contas (edu e simples). Eu tentei compartilhar meus prezis, mas na minha página de conta simples não tem a opção de cópia. O que pode estar errado?Captura%20de%20Tela%20(2)|690x387

Hello @Francielle_Padua, in case you’re trying to transfer a presentation from one account into another you’ll need to add the second account as a collaborator to the presentation. Please consult this article tutorial to learn how you can do this. If you need further assistance feel free to reach out to us.

Is there a way to insert an existing presentation developed in Prezi Next old account into new Prezi Next account? Thank you!

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copy prezi to another person. does not work

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Can someone please explain how to do it, i tried sharing through adding the other account as an editor in the privacy settings but there was still no way to access that Prezi presentation when i switch accounts.

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Can you yell me of it is possible to share or copy a presentation from one free account to the other?

Hey @Ria_Braaf-Frankel it is absolutely possible, we recommend our Collaborating feature (make sure to add the other account with editing rights):

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